The Focus Is Wearables

The global market for smart wearable technology is expected to more than double to 260 million annual units over the next five years.


Wearables are found everywhere, from your wrist to your ears and from your eyes to outer garments. With wearables measuring fitness, keeping you safe, helping you stand up straighter, or monitoring hydration levels, the practical applications seem to have no end.


The magic behind the innovation includes new battery forms and factors, as well as smaller, more precise sensors. New materials, woven fibers, and smart synthetics are quickly coming onto the scene.

As we witness the expanding consumer adoption, we are looking towards manufacturing practices, mems sensors and other innovations that contribute to the movement towards making wearables as simple as changing your socks.


Partnerships between garment makers and tech firms are creating fashionable clothing that is eye-catching and useful, and tech companies are teaming up to create smart glasses that are more intuitive.


Be a part of the conversation as wearables become the devices that connect the dots between consumers and technology and become the products that we always wanted. Exhibit, sponsor or just register to attend, and let’s make wearables the focus of CES 2020.

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TOPICS to Explore

  • AI

  • Fashion

  • Hearables

  • Sports

  • Fitness

  • Enterprise

  • Health Club Payment Systems

  • Mental Health & Well Being

  • Medical Wearables

  • Military

What You’ll See

  • Virtual Reality Headsets

  • AR Glasses

  • Digital Textiles and Embedded Sensors

  • Healthcare Monitoring Devices

  • Pet Monitors & Tracking Devices

  • New Payment wearables

  • Game/Haptic Accessories

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Smart watches & Wrist based wearables

  • Tattoos & E-Ink