Wesley Horne is the Creator/Owner of the ShotDoctor app. The worlds 1st smart basketball shooting aid for the guide hand. Wesley is a professional player development coach and has coached players on every level from NBA to Elementary. He currently trains over 600 basketball players in Charleston SC. One of his greatest strengths is his expertise in shooting form, technique and mechanics.

The ShotDoctor has the capability to make every player on earth an efficient scoring machine at any range. Whether experienced or beginner, young or old, the ShotDoctor has no bounds. It will revolutionize the game forever.

“Mental conditioning is key to player development. How can you physically prepare for competition if you don’t take the time to identify strengths/weaknesses and understand your limitations? At some point in every basketball players life, poor shooting form and bad mechanics exist. The majority of players today can NOT shoot consistently and there is an overwhelming emphasis on shooting! I’ve seen it all and coached them all. From NBA players to 2nd graders. I guarantee the ShotDoctor app will create pure shooting form and increase the number of MADE shots for every player that uses it correctly. It’s greater than any tool ever invented for the sport, bar none. The basketball world is about to change!”

– Wesley Horne