Rajia Abdelaziz is the co-founder and CEO of invisaWear. invisaWear creates smart jewelry and accessories that allow users to instantly contact friends, family, and police discreetly during an emergency.

During most emergency situations, contacting help immediately is essential. However, most times people don’t have enough time to reach their phone before it’s too late. Sadly, even if you can reach your mobile phone, when you make a 911 call from a cellphone the operators pick up your location from the closest cell phone tower which may or may not be near you. The call often lands in a regional dispatch center which is typically in a far-away city. If you can’t talk, there isn’t enough information for the dispatchers to find you. In fact, over 10,000 fatalities occur each year when callers can’t be located.

We live in a world where if your iPhone is lost, it takes seconds to find it, but if you’re in a life threatening emergency, police may or may not be able to find you. invisaWear products aim to accelerate obtaining assistance in an emergency by connecting users to the nearest 9-1-1 dispatcher, and providing the operators with the user’s exact location. The company redefines personal protection by integrating life saving technology into discreet, fashionable products that people already love to wear.