Francis (Fran) Rabuck is a technology evangelist, explorer and trail blazer. He discovers trends, connects people, beta-tests things – and then builds early prototypes of a mashup of ideas. He shares his findings in the classroom, workshops, presentations, articles and keynotes at a variety of international conferences. Additionally, he helps launch startups, leads teams to create new products and develops visionary strategies for organizations. Fran has a history of delivering innovative business solutions in various roles including: Director of Technology Research for Bentley Systems, Mobile Practice Leader at Alliance Consulting, Director – Applied Research for Willis Towers Watson, Technology Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University and entrepreneurial roles within multiple start-up companies. Fran is also one of the 100+ experts on the TechCast Global team of futurists driving future predictions through forecasting techniques.

His career of work includes leadership in development and early adoption of Wireless standards, Interactive Voice, RFID, Sensors, Data Analytics, IoT, 3D Printing and Visualization in AR/VR, and Robots/Drones/AI. Fran was previously the Conference Chairman and helped launch and build the RoboUniverse Conference.

The explosion of attention in Cognitive Science and AI has rekindled his mathematical roots and interest in R, Python, Neuro Networks and the general study of the Brain and Digital Health Care breakthroughs.