Founded in 2004, CuteCircuit is the world’s first wearable-technology fashion brand. CuteCircuit interweaves leading-edge fashion design, emerging technologies, and smart fabrics to create garments with magical capabilities and interactive connections. CuteCircuit’s co-founders, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, have a background in fashion design (Valentino), and interaction design and anthropology respectively, holding patents in wearable technology such as 3D Augmented Reality Audio and sensor enhanced fabric constructions.

CuteCircuit introduced internet connected clothing and haptic telecommunication with the Hug Shirt in 2002 (awarded by Time magazine as one of the Best Inventions of the Year in 2006), the Galaxy Dress in 2008 (permanent collection of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago), and the SoundShirt a 2018 honouree of Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards and now on show at Cooper Hewitt Museum. CuteCircuit most recently collaborated with Chanel and Converse.