As the Punk Rock graduate of a west coast Ivy League school I eschewed the education I sought for the deeply dynamic world of the LA Underground scene of the Germs and the Minutemen, but commerce found me anyways as I ran sales and distribution for the nations first distributor of Dr Martens selling cool shoes across the nation like punk rock superstars.

While the necessity of commerce pulled me away from cycle counts to focus on key accounts and I developed sales muscles, the lure of product lured me into the relentless pursuit of the elegant solution which found me seeking the answers to footwears persistent questions on a Polish train

Since then, having run athlete and human biomechanics inspired product development and innovation teams at Teva, The North Face and Speedo, my experience in tending to the business of business served me very well.

As the Chief Innovation Officer for all PVH Brands, I am fortunate enough to make, build and create product and go to market solutions that thrill end consumers while inciting innovation that ignites the Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilgfiger, Izod and Speedo brands among others as the most productive Innovation Division in the Apparel Industry