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When do I need to confirm my participation?

CES has requested speakers to be submitted by October 1. Registration will start on October 8th.

How do I Register?

As part of current security measures implemented by CTA, all speakers are required to register themselves directly through the CES online registration system.

I was a speaker last year, do I have to register again?

Yes. Everyone needs to register on the Wearable Tech site. If you have already created a log in as an exhibitor this year, please use the same log info. If you are not exhibiting log in as a “New User”. Once you have registered as a “New User,” you can log in subsequently as a “Returning User” and your contact information will be saved. However once pictures and bios are uploaded they are moved to a different location so all edits must be done by email. Questions or problems with content can be sent to: [email protected]

Do I really need a picture and bio?

Yes. The pictures and bios are for web sites and publications, both for LIDT and CES – we cannot list you without it.

Can you upload the information for me?

Unfortunately, no, each speaker needs to sign off on the CES media waiver.

If I am registered as a Speaker do I also register as an attendee?

No, all speakers automatically have attendee access.

What resources are available for me as a Speaker at CES?

  •  Complimentary Deluxe Conference Pass, which includes entry to the Show Floor, SuperSessions, keynote addresses, as well as nearly every conference track.
  • Speakers will receive guest ticket(s) that will grant access to the speaker’s conference session. Speaker handlers/guests must be registered for CES with a valid CES badge to use the speaker guest tickets.
  •  Exclusive access to the Speaker Ready Rooms, lounge areas where speakers can fine-tune presentations and network with peers.

How is participation in the panels determined?

Once we have our list of speakers, we attempt to create our panel discussions around matters relevant to our participants.

Will I know questions in advance?

Once your fellow panelists and moderators are confirmed, we will be setting up a conference call to discuss preferred subject matter. Ultimately the moderator will provide an outline for all participants.

Do I need slides?

We encourage the discussion to be conversational rather promotional, therefore we do not ask for slides, However, if you have two or three promotional slides that you would like to have shown between sessions, you may send them to us at [email protected]

Am I invited to the LIDT networking party?

All speakers are invited to the LIDT networking party. Unfortunately, unless you are also a sponsor there is no “plus 1.”

I am registering for someone else – can I use my email address as contact?

Every person registered, in any capacity, must have a unique email address or the registration will not be approved by CES. You also need to provide us with the SAME email address. We will not share your email without permission.

When and where do I have to be?

The Wearable Tech conference is on Wednesday January 8th, 2020 in the Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302. We ask that speakers be there no later than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled discussion. Please be aware that getting around Las Vegas during CES can be very difficult: long taxi lines, long corridors, too many people. Please allow yourselves extra time.