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Making Wearables Work for All

The quest for the perfect wearable has been an Odyssean journey with a bit Darwinism tossed in for good measure. First generation wearables that counted steps or had simple controls have been replaced by a generation of fashionable and functional wearables that offer deep insights into human and environmental activity. 


Wearables are being becoming mainstream for consumers of all ages and needs, for professionals in the field, and for a workplace that’s quickly migrating to new ways of managing access, training and safety issues.

Finally, just around the corner are the next-next-generation of wearables. Whether they’re made of circuitry-woven fabrics, new biological materials, polymers or flexible components we’re quickly headed to the Ithaca of Wearables.


They record daily moments, take their place in the IoT world, make payments, train for complex processes, act as a communicator, and make a fashion statement–the world of wearables is richer than ever. At the 2019 Wearable Tech Summit and Exhibit we’ll unwrap the future.



FutureTech Fashion & Accessories

VR and AR

Embedded Chips

Big Data/ BackEnd

Blockchain & Payment Systems

New Materials

Health and Wellness Devices


Rings and Things

Workplace Safety & Productivity

Wrist Based Wearable Devices

Workplace Training

On The Show Floor

  • Virtual Reality Headsets

  • AR Glasses

  • Digital Textiles and Embedded Sensors

  • Healthcare Monitoring Devices

  • Pet Monitors & Tracking Devices

  • New Payment wearables

  • Game/Haptic Accessories

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Smart watches & Wrist based wearables

  • Tattoos & E-Ink